English Plain & Pattern Styles For Men


Plain and patterned styles- whether it is our friendly old Ankara style or other fabrics is a favourite for guys.
This is because it gives you the chance to be creative and wild in the patterned fabric part and then ‘calm your style down” with a plain one.

For Nigerian guys, the patterned style is usually on the top while the bottom is plain. Manufacturers of fabrics have also noticed the trend hence we find that they now produce “plain and patterned fabrics” in a pack for this purpose.

English Plain & Pattern Styles For Men

English Plain & Pattern Styles For Men

A mother of two who pleaded anonymity has taken to social media to ask members of the public whether it was wrong to ask her husband to do the dishes.

According to her, her husband lost his business to scam and she has been the one catering for the family with the little she earns from her restaurant business.

She said: “Truly, My husband was the one who opened the restaurant for me, I cook very well and I still do my cooking by myself as I only direct my staffs on what to do.

“My husband lost his business to scam and since then it’s been me carrying the responsibilities, most of my staffs left because I could not pay them and at some point, all of them left and I had to do everything by myself.

“My husband is doing nothing yet, he just sits at home and maybe go pick the kids from school and all, so yesterday I had lots of customers in the shop, I was doing everything by myself, so as soon as my husband walked in, I asked him to help me rush to wash a few plates while I serve, and he looked at me in some strange way, I repeated myself and he slapped me in public, and walked out.

“I ignored the embarrassment and even most of my customers left, when I got home I noticed that he moved his things, I called his phone and he said he is in his friends place till he gets a job he will come home, that I should take care of the kids.

“He cut the call I tried to call and the next he blocked me.

Monochromatic means

Mono = One
Chromatic = Colour

It doesn’t mean wearing the same color from head to toe. Don’t make your assumptions yet!
Literally, monochromatic dressing can actually imply wearing the same color from head to toe, but technically it means more.
It means more because you can not imagine yourself wearing a red top, a pair of red trousers, a red shoe and a red cap, all in the same shade. It sounds really crazy.

On the other hand, it can actually mean wearing the same color from head to toe, only that it makes sense when it is done in different shades, tone, and tints of a particular color, yes, of just one particular color.

Color + black = Tint.
Color + white = Shade.
Color + grey = Tone.

This is the technical meaning of monochromatic.  Many people think it means exactly the same color head to toe, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter what color you choose, if you mix shades and tints of that color, it will always work together.

Cop this style if you are petite in nature, or you just want to appear slimmer and taller. Dressing monochromatically can make you appear taller and slimmer because the outfit is creating one seamless line from head to toe

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