Should i apply foundation all over my face?


Florrie White, makeup artist who has worked on the faces of celebrities such as Emilia Clarke and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, says, “For me, foundation should only be applied where needed. It is used to even out the skin tone and applied directly to the areas of concern (redness, pigmentation, shadows and blemishes) then blended out across the good skin,”

When it comes to application, makeup artist Liz Pugh, who has created beauty looks for stars like Alexa Chung and Yasmin Le Bon, advises, to “always start in the centre and work outwards so that you don’t get a build up at the hairline”. She explains starting in the centre is best as this is where “we tend to need the most help here, redness around the nose and discolouration.”

However, make sure you always go in with a light hand. Florrie adds, “Foundation should be buffed into the skin so that the texture of the skin can be seen.”

Source; good housekeeping.comic

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