How perfect can a Chore coat be?

chore coats

Listen, man: It’s pretty damn hard to craft the perfect fall jacket. I’m not kidding. You try it! I’m talking one that’ll take you seamlessly from muggy autumn mornings to crisp autumn evenings with aplomb, sans any sense of seasonally induced whiplash. You’re telling me you think you can chef up a lightweight outerwear style you’ll be able to convince dudes around the world to actively reach for instead of, like, opting for the sweatshirt on top of their laundry pile and then promptly calling it a day? I mean, c’mon. Good luck, bro.

Well, if your mind is firing on all pistons right now you might want to slow your roll, bud, because somebody already beat you to it. In other words, it’s probably time you copped a chore coat, about as perfect a fall jacket as they come. We’ve been diehard proponents of the style for a minute now but there’s no time like the present to invest in a silhouette that’ll yield major dividends this fall—and as a crucial layering piece throughout the colder months down the line.

The chore coat sees you debating the plausibility of crafting the perfect fall jacket and says “hold my beer.” This is it’s season, and it’s about to put on a hell of a show.

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