8 Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy


Maintaining healthy nails that look fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Follow these tips and impress with your sexy, strong nails.

It is generally worn with fairly formal attire. In addition, fascinators are frequently worn by women as a Christian head-covering during church services, especially weddings.

Modern fascinators are commonly made with feathers, flowers or beads. They need to be attached to the hair by a comb, headband or clip. They are particularly popular at premium horse-racing events, such as the Grand National, Kentucky Derby and the Melbourne Cup. Brides may choose to wear them as an alternative to a bridal veil or hat, particularly if their gowns are non-traditional.

A fascinator is a formal headpiece for women, a style of millinery, originally of lightweight knitted fabric. Since the 1990s the term refers to a type of formal headwear worn as an alternative to the hat; it is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip, sometimes incorporating a base to resemble a hat, in which case it may be called a hatinator.

Even if you aren’t interested in the lives of British royals, you’re probably familiar with their elaborate headgear. Fascinators are elaborate hats that are clipped to the wearer’s head. They are a popular fashion choice among the women of the royal family today.

Why you shouldn’t wear a sunshade inside your room


Do not wear sunshades inside your house or in an enclosed building.
Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from the sun. Some are photochromatic while others are tinted just for the sole reason of protecting your eyes inside the sun. It is really improper to wear them inside your house. It is wrong. That is why it is called a sunshade, not a room shade.

One of the properties of fashion is that it is functional, and the use of clothes generally emanated from this property – to cover our nakedness. Just as our dresses our functional, some of our accessories are also functional. Go for the fashion ones instead, if you are really a shade freak.

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