2 simple and super effective ways to iron your dress without using an iron


1. Utilize a Hair Dryer to Remove Wrinkles

A snappy shot of air from a hot hair dryer functions admirably as an option for fixing little wrinkles. To utilize it:

a) Spray the wrinkled area with little water.

b) Turn the hair dryer on high and hot warmth.

c) Keeping the dryer a few metres from the piece of clothing, delicately move over the wrinkled part of the garments until the wrinkles vanish.

2. Make Steam With a Kettle to Remove Wrinkles

Like the shower, a hot pot or kettle of boiling water can eliminate a few wrinkles. In any case, this is ideal to do when you just have a little region to fix instead of a whole piece of clothing.

a) Put a pot or kettle of water on fire

b) When it starts steaming, hold your wrinkled garments over the steam discharge. Keep it up a few creeps to keep you from consuming yourself with hot steam.

NAFDAC bans the sale of Sniper Insecticides in open market and supermarkets.

The National Food, Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) has ordered agro-dealers to withdraw popular agricultural pesticide, Sniper, from open markets and supermarkets, to reduce its use for suicide across the country.

The federal government yesterday placed a restriction on the sale and use of the fatal agro-chemical product, Sniper.

The development was made public by NAFDAC’s director, Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products Directorate, Dr Bukar Usman, at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan on Wednesday, June 19, Leadership reports.

Since Sniper hits the Nigerian market, it has become the favourite of most Nigerians, especially the poor for killing mosquitoes and other pests. Similarly, the product has also been abused by many.

How to style heels
1. The bigger the heel, the more stable the shoe.

2. Boots often have wide heels that will make you appear effortlessly leaner and taller.
3. When wearing heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more natural.
4. The best way to wear heels casually is by finding that right pair of pumps you can walk in as if you had sneakers on.

5. If you want to wear heels casually, the clothing should be kept super simple. Another way to keep it simple is by going monochromatic and letting the heels stand out. It helps the vibe stay super easygoing and informal.
6. Bock heels are the easiest to walk in. They help to distribute the weight and this makes them easier to walk in than slimmer heels.

7. Heels are the simplest and sexiest way to add height to your look. They can make your legs appear longer, and can actually make large calves look slimmer.
8. However, wearing the wrong types of heels can make your calves appear large and stumpy.
9. Match your color of heels with your skin tone to create the appearance of a long slender line.

10. Heels with straps have extra ties and funky buckles which adds weight to your legs. This is the case with ankle straps because of the close proximity to the calves. For the most slender-looking legs possible, stick with slip-on heels.

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