Important qualities every woman looks out for in a man.


1.Vulneraility:It’s hard to start a relationship with someone who’s deterred. “A man who is vulnerable has a compromising ability to back away from the force position which men are raised to feel great being in. “For the relationship to succeed, a man must be eager to be vulnerable and he needs to open his heart with the goal for that to occur.” and this goes for the women too both parties needs to compromise on the long run.

3.Acceptance: Women aren’t comfortable with a man that keeps trying to change them, in other words; don’t judge her! It makes it look as though you’re better than her. Learn to accept women just the way they are, corrections can always come in a calm and subtle manner.

4.Care and Curiousity: Its important to feel your partner is interested in you. It is very important to note your partner’s likes and dislikes, this creates more understanding in relationships, as women tends to appreciate curious partners than the judgmental. Ask her how she wants to be treated in certain situations and watch your relationship soar!

5.Equality:This has been a major issue in most relationships, recent surveys have shown women wants to be treated as equals in their relationships. This is shown majorly in non-romantic relationships as females tend to reject the general narrative of the male’s superiority.

To attain an optimum level in any form of relationship(romantic or not!), its important for every man to recognize the presence of their partners and respect their decisions. This doesn’t reduce your esteem nor does it reduce your worth, Instead it shows your level of compromise and readiness to take conscious efforts to making the relationship work.

In conclusion, Its important to note that women needs to be loved and respected in all relationships; As a guy,you must respect your woman’s opinions and ideas.

Do not demand Superiority, Earn it Instead!

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November 2020