Is your Dress Sense is A reflection of your Personality?


Fashion is the perfect way to express yourself to the world, its a perfect evidence of your exclusive personality.

On the other hand, Studies have shown that extroverts have a high regard for self love.

These are persons who have little or no concern about what others think about them, Most of these persons have a good fashion sense, as they’ve taken time to study what fits their body size and shape, skin color and hairstyles too.

Nonetheless, a person’s financial state isn’t a huge determinant to a good fashion sense. Although, its a contributing factor, its is well known that there are lot of wealthy people with a poor fashion sense; you can have lots of clothes and fashion accessories and still have a poor fashion sense.

The best way to build your fashion sense is to place your center of attention on what to wear as a replacement for of what not to wear. It is the feel-good factor, when choosing the right clothes to fit you. You should feel good in what you are wearing.

The first piece of recommendation, be acquainted with that you are normal and everyone’s body is dissimilar. Once you initiate looking at yourself all the way through a less critical lens, fashion can be a lot of fun.

Always be adventurous and experimental. Don’t put yourself in a confusion of what is to be wear or don’t get confused. Buy the clothes which will match your accessory and will gain confidence in you for your boost. Impressions are formed within seconds and as said first impression is the last.

always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy-Kimora lee

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November 2020