After Sadiq Daba’s failing health became a national topic, Femi Otedola has risen to the occasion by footing the medical bills.

Otedola’s decision to take care of the ‘October 1’ actor’s medical bills is not out of place considering his recent gesture to ex-Super Eagles player and coach, Christian Chukwu, who also had health challenges.

 is because he created good memories for him.

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For me, taking care of Sadiq’s medical expenses is my little way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the good memories he created for me and others in the past.”

He went forward to say, “I must say that even though I don’t know Mr. Daba personally, he is a face I am familiar with through the old TV drama production “Cock Crow at Dawn” which I used to watch while growing up.”

How Otedola heard about Sadiq Daba’s ailment

Reacting to how he heard about Daba’s ailment, Otedola said he only learned about it a few days back. “I heard about Mr. Sadiq Daba’s health conditions when it was brought to my attention through an online news story I read two days ago,” he began.

“From the news report, I gathered that he was rushed to the Emergency Unit of LUTH after being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),” he said.

Otedola’s reaction to Sadiq Daba’s ailment

The Geregu Power Plc boss’ reaction to one of his favourite TV stars’ ailment was a mix of nostalgia and sadness.

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He said, “I was saddened to hear that he had taken ill again after overcoming his health again after his challenges from prostate cancer two years ago.

“I was moved by a sense of nostalgia and concern when I read of his medical situation recently and decided to take over his medical bills.”

Daba has made an impression on Otedola

Otedola says the ailing Daba is an icon who should have gotten all accolades and recognition.

“In other climes, the likes of Sadiq Daba and other actors who more or less paved the way for the entertainment industry in Nigeria (which is touted as the 3rd largest movie in the world) would be celebrated as icons and due recognition would be accorded to them. He has been visited and arrangements are being made to support him,” Otedola wrote.

Sadiq Daba survived prostate cancer in 2017

In 2017, Daba traveled to the United Kingdom for the treatment of leukaemia and prostate cancer. He returned to Nigeria a few weeks after with reports that his situation was not as bad as feared