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Dream Chaser Part Sixteen

I came back for my senior year fully prepared to beat the demons plaguing me at their own games, I succeeded a bit, had my masturbation under control and was finally enjoying the fruitful life I was gunning for, I now had a stable girlfriend who was willing to overlook …

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Dream chaser part eleven

Life has a funny way of throwing jig puzzles in our ways whenever we set ourselves to do something worthwhile with our lives and that was the dilemma I found myself in. You see, they tell us to always be ready to adapt to different situations both home and abroad, …

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Dream chaser chapter six

My dad’s friend had on one occasion gone through the trouble after more than one drink of the good old alcohol of telling my dad in front of my mum, and siblings but behind me since I was already lost in reading a very entertaining book that the manuscript he …

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Dream Chasers part five

5 Being humans, learning from our mistakes is what differentiates us from other creatures; we have been given the ability by the maker to know what we did wrong the first time to act as a guiding light for later actions in the future, we are different in this regards …

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Before delving into this discourse, it is important to describe what child labor is? Essentially, child labor refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and is mentally, physically, socially or moral harmful. …

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Drug dealers of the past (5)

One of the drug dealers of the past who not only managed to circumvent charges of drug dealing against him but also succeeded in having them dropped against him albeit for a reduced sentence. Even after his release, he would later be arrested but still had the charges dropped.

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