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Microsoft prohibits employees from using Slack, report says

Microsoft employees likely won’t be Slacking this article to their coworkers. The company has banned or discouraged employees from using certain outside software and online services for their work due to concerns about IT security and protecting company secrets, GeekWire reported, citing an internal company list. Popular messaging service Slack, which just went public last week, is …

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Will outer space sperm banks make male astronauts irrelevant?

In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve. In the new beginning, it may just be astronaut sperm and Eve. Spanish scientists have recently proven that frozen human sperm is viable in zero-gravity environments — as in outer space — creating the possibility of a cosmic sperm bank. The researchers presented their findings at …

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New companion robots can’t do much but make us love them

With those big eyes and rounded bodies, who could resist them? Pets may be banned from many stores, restaurants and other establishments, but Wren isn’t a typical pet. It’s a life-size robotic puppy that can recognize faces, learn tricks and navigate around obstacles — and it goes just about everywhere …

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These are the phones you need to access 5G in the US

Verizon customers can now access the carrier’s 5G network in the United States from yet another smartphone. The $1,000 LG V50 ThinQ 5G hit stores Thursday, making it the second 5G smartphone offered by Verizon (VZ). In May, Samsung (SSNLF) released its $1,300 Galaxy S10 5G smartphone on the Verizon network. Verizon was the first carrier in the US to debut …

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Uber may soon deliver Big Macs to you by drone

Uber is gearing up to get into the drone delivery game, and things are set to take off this summer with plans to start a pilot program to offer fast food drone delivery in San Diego, California. Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration selected San Diego as one of 10 cities to test commercial …

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