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How to Shoot Portraits in Harsh Sunlight

Work in Manual Mode  While most photographers are admittedly more comfortable working in automatic, when the sunlight is at its absolute strongest casting heavy, intense glares and shadows on your subjects, working in manual mode will help you properly expose for your clients’ skin tones. Even though automatic mode has …

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Marilyn Monroe was ‘just in awe’ of Arthur Miller, didn’t seduce ‘nervous’ photographer

Manfred Kreiner received the opportunity of a lifetime when he was asked to photograph America’s most famous sex symbol. The photojournalist’s snapshots of Marilyn Monroe were recently part of Julien’s Auctions’“Legends” event where photos and memorabilia of Hollywood’s most influential eras were sold in Beverly Hills and online.     Late photographer Manfred …

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Visitors’ crude photo-ops raise overtourism concerns on Easter Island, expert claims

Although the mysterious Easter Island is a dream destination for many, one expert is exhausted with the not-so-funny photo-ops that tourists are reportedly taking at the iconic statues and warns that visitors’ bad behavior could threaten the health of the historic site in the future. In a new interview, archaeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg, the …

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