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The thin line between love and obsession

The feeling of love is like a sweet syrup that streams into your body and fills your heart up. People in love do crazy things and are blind to so many things. While love is felt from the heart, obsession is a fantasy of love; infatuation with perfection. Sometimes, love …

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First brush with love

Lydia ran as fast as her short legs could take her into the Senate building of the university where she was studying. At barely 4ft 5inches, she was a great athlete and had the trophies and medals to show for it. She had an appointment to catch up with and …

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Love, Sex and Marriage: how far we have come

When it comes to popular view especially on the contentious sex topic, it would be concluded that sex is no longer seen as that sacred act between married couples. According to an August 2019 survey conducted by Stephblog, 41.67% of the 134 respondents, which takes up the largest percentage, considers …

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OLAYINKA JOEL Stephblog( Nigeria)- “If you can’t control what has happened or is happening, you can control how you respond to it”. Negative energy to people we love when we are angry is not good. Don’t misdirect your anger, you can get the soothing you need and have your mood …

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OLAYINKA JOEL Stephblog (Nigeria)- Love has different meanings. My emphasis would be laid on that of intense feeling with deep affection. The Massacre of love are ways of killing love. Many people leave without telling us the reason why they left us. I was given this topic by my brother, …

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